Online Worship

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused everyone to have to think and act differently. The doors to our building are closed and locked but the church remains open, because the church is the people.

Gathering together for worship is not possible in our usual ways and therefore we are exploring what it looks and feels like to be church, how we gather, worship, prayer and communicate together.

We are experimenting with a “do it yourself” order of service with links to YouTube for songs and other sites for prayers and readings. Each week there is also a space for reflecting and encouragement to be creative (for grown ups and children alike) and to share photos/ videos of your creations so we can celebrate them on our website/Facebook. 

If you would like to receive a reminder and link of the weekly worship to your inbox email and find links below to the services each week.

16th April 2020: Come and have Breakfast

19th April 2020: Celebration of Doubt

12th April 2020: Easter Celebration

10th April 2020: Good Friday: The Way of the Cross

5th April 2020: Rejoice in the Lord Always

22nd March 2020: Be Still and Know

29th March 2020: God So Loves

Church Online