Online Worship

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused everyone to have to think and act differently. The doors to our building are closed and locked but the church remains open, because the church is the people.

Gathering together for worship is not possible in our usual ways and therefore we have had to exploring what it looks and feels like to be church, how we gather, worship, prayer and communicate together.

We meet each Sunday morning at 10am using Zoom which can be accessed using a link for video on laptop/PC/tablet/smart phone or dialling in from a mobile or landline for audio only. The order of service is also available weekly on our website with links to YouTube for songs and other sites for prayers and readings so that you can follow in your own time and pace.

If you would like details for joining our Zoom services and/or to receive a reminder and link of the weekly worship to your inbox email and find links below to the services each week.

22nd November 2020: Discussion & Prayer (Led by Joanne, Joe, Peter & Wendy)

15th November 2020: Our Obligations to Ourselves (Led by Rich)

8th November 2020: God in Our Lives & God’s Promises (Led by Rich)

1st November 2020: God’s Gift of Self (Led by Rich)

25th October 2020: (Talk by Rosemary / Led by Joanne)

18th October 2020: Our Obligations to Our Neighbours (Led by Rich)

11th October 2020: God’s Gift of Neighbours (Led by Rich)

4th October 2020: Our Obligations to Creation (Led by Rich)

27th September 2020: Living Water (Led by Wendy)

20th September 2020: God’s Gift of Creation (Led by Rich)

13th September 2020: Four Way Faith (Led by Rich)

6th September 2020: The Church is Dead, Long Live the Church (Led by Rich)

19th July 2020: God in Our Lives (Led by Rich)

12th July 2020: I Believe: God is Omniscient (Led by Rich)

5th July 2020: I Believe: God and Suffering (Led by Rich)

28th June 2020: Songs of Praise (Led by Wendy)

21st June 2020: I Believe: The Fall (Led by Rich)

14th June 2020: I Believe: God Created (Led by Rich)

7th June 2020: Doing Right (Led by Peter)

31st May 2020: Pentecost (Led by Rich)

24th May 2020: Worship (Led by Joanne)

17th May 2020: I Believe: God (Led by Rich)

10th May 2020: I Believe: The Bible (Led by Rich)

3rd May 2020: I Believe (Led by Rich)

26th April 2020: Come and have Breakfast (Led by Rich)

19th April 2020: Celebration of Doubt (Led by Rich)

12th April 2020: Easter Celebration (Led by Rich)

10th April 2020: Good Friday: The Way of the Cross (Led by Rich)

5th April 2020: Rejoice in the Lord Always (Led by Rich)

22nd March 2020: Be Still and Know (Led by Rich)

29th March 2020: God So Loves (Led by Rich)

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