10th May 2020 – I Believe: The Bible

We continue our DIY Services for those of you who may wish to take some time today, to pause, to reflect, to listen, to pray. There are links to prayers to read, videos of songs to sing or listen to and even a suggestion for getting creative.

Order of Service


O give thanks to the Lord, for he is gracious
For his mercy endures forever
O thank the Lord of all lords
For his mercy endures forever
Who only does great wonders
For his mercy endures forever
Who remembers us when we are in trouble
For his mercy endures forever
He delivers us from our enemies
For his mercy endures forever
O give thanks to the God of heaven
For his mercy endures forever
O thank the Lord of all lords
For his mercy endures forever

Song: Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow
(Dave Clifton and Andy Piercy. Copyright © 1993 I Q Music.)

Song: Praise My Soul the King of Heaven
(Henry Francis Lyte.)

Bible Readings:

Psalm 119:81-112 & 2 Timothy 3:10-17


This is a guide to help you reflect on the readings above. If you are on your own enjoy the time to reflect quietly. If you are home with others who would usually be at church with you find some time together. You can make notes as you follow each stage or may choose to talk with one another.

Take some time.
5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, it’s up to you.

Read through the Bible readings
Read it steadily two or three times or use the listening feature of the link above.

Notice which words or themes stand out to you.
You might like to make a note of them or highlight them in a physical Bible.

Notice how the reading makes you feel.
For example, is it comforting? Does it make you feel frustrated or angry? Does it make you feel excited?

Notice what or who the reading make you think about?
For example, Does the reading resonate with something in your own life? Or, are their words that make you think of someone else? Is there something that would be helpful to share with others?

Say a Prayer.
(The following is an example; you can use it or say your own)

Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Thank you for the Bible, for the lessons we can learn and the guidance You give. I thought about [insert who and what the readings made you think about] and I would like to offer them into your hands. Be with them, with me, with us today. Amen.


For The Bible Tells Me So

The second in a series exploring what Christian’s believe.

Song: Jerusalem
(Music by C.H. Parry, Words by William Blake.)

Song: O God Our Help in Ages Past
(Isaac Watts)


God the Father, by whose glory Christ was raised from the dead,
strengthen us to walk with him in his risen life;
and may almighty God bless us,
the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Create and Share

As we are all staying safe at home there are changes in what we are able to do and the time we have available. Some of us are balancing working from home with looking after children, others are more isolated as we live alone.

If you would like to draw, paint, write a story or a poem, knit, take a photo, write a prayer, or in whatever way you may be creative we would love to share your creations. This week’s theme is “The Bible” and whether you are younger or older why not take some time to create as you reflect on the theme.

For Children and Young at Heart

You can follow the pattern above, praying and chatting with your children about the readings and using the model for reflection to discuss what they think about the readings.

There are a couple of additional songs to enjoy and perhaps get to know.

Song: Jesus Loves Me This I Know

Lyrics: Anna Bartlett Warner (1820-1915); Chorus by William Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868)Music: William Batchelder Bradbury (1816-1868))

Song: Walking in the Light of God
(Lou Rawls)

Song: Lovely Jubbly
(by Doug Horley)

If you have any prayer requests or would like someone to pray with you via a phone call please email pastor@yiewsleybaptistchurch.com or call 01895 548004

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