Ask the Candidates: Election Hustings

Ask the Candidates.

Whether it is an election for the local council, London assembly of a General Election we seek to engage with local candidates providing an opportunity for local residents/ constituents to ask the questions that concern them.

It is our custom to reserve seats in the debate for the 5 most successful parties at the previous election. Should any of these parties candidates not be present then further candidates who are present will be welcome to draw lots for any empty seats. We therefore expect to have 5 candidates debating.

Our most recent hustings took place on Thursday 5th December for the General Election. The following lists the candidates:

  • Conservative Party Candidate: Boris Johnson (Invitation Declined)
  • Green Party Candidate: Mark Kier (Attended & Participated)
  • Labour Party Candidate: Ali Milani (Attended & Participated)
  • Liberal Democratic Party Candidate: Joanne Humphreys (Invitation Declined)
  • UK Independence Party Candidate: Geoffrey Denis(Attended & Participated)

Also in attendance at the hustings were:

  • Independent: Count Binface (Drew lots & Participated)
  • Independent: William Tobin (Drew lots & Participated)
  • Independent: Alfie Utting (Drew lots & made a statement)

We have made every effort to inform the additional 4 candidates (Lord Buckethead, Norma Burke, Bobby “Elmo” Smith, and Yace “Interplanetary Time Lord” Yogenstein) but they chose not to attend.

All enquiries should be made to:
01895 548004

If you are not yet registered to vote you can do so at


If you are interested in why we as a church organise Election Husting and concern ourselves with politics we invite you to visit Christian’s In Politics ( which is an all-party, non-denominational organisation which seeks to encourage and inspire Christians to get involved in politics and public life.

Christians in Politics
Stripes of Political Party Colours

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