Ask the Candidates: Election Hustings

Ask the Candidates
General Election Hustings
Uxbridge & South Ruislip 2019
Yiewsley Baptist Church, 74 Colham Avenue, Yiewsley UB7 8HF

For the past few years we’ve organised election husting to allow local constituents to question candidates for local council, London Assembly and Members of Parliament. As political events unfold rapidly we will be preapred to hold an Election Hustings as and when a General Election is called.

We know that the candidates are busy and therefore we have offered a few dates for the hustings. As soon as we know which will enable all/most candidates to attend the date will be announced here and booking for free places will become available.

As has been our custom for the last few years hosting election hustings, we invite all of the candidates that we are aware of to attend. Due to space the 5 most popular parties at the previous General Election (Conservative, Green, Labour, Lib Dem, and UKIP) have a seat reserved until the event is due to begin. Any of these candidates not present will either leave a seat empty or will be replaced by any further candidates who stand and are present (lots will be drawn if there are more candidates than empty seats, to determine who takes an empty seat).

All questions will come from those attending the hustings which can be pre-submitted at the time of seat reservations. Each candidate in the hustings will have an opportunity to answer every question and every candidate present will have an opportunity to make a statement.

All enquiries should be made to:
01895 548004

If you are not yet registered to vote you can do so at


If you are interested in why we as a church organise Election Husting and concern ourselves with politics we invite you to visit Christian’s In Politics ( which is an all-party, non-denominational organisation which seeks to encourage and inspire Christians to get involved in politics and public life.

Christians in Politics
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