Recent Sermons

16th April 2017: Easter – For God so Loved the World1 Corinthians 13 & John 3:16-17 (Rich Blake-Lobb)

9th April 2017: Palm Sunday – Hosanna, Matthew 21:1-17 (Rich Blake-Lobb)

19th March 2017: Spiritual Gifts 06: Teachers (Rich Blake-Lobb)

12th March 2017: Spiritual Gifts 05: Pastors (Rich Blake-Lobb)

19th February 2017: Spiritual Gifts 04: Evangelists (Rich Blake-Lobb)

29th January 2017: Spiritual Gifts 03: Prophets (Rich Blake-Lobb)

22nd January 2017: The Miracle Man, Luke 5:12-16 (Rich Blake-Lobb)

15th January 2017: Spiritual Gifts 02: Apostles (Rich Blake-Lobb)

8th January 2017: Spiritual Gifts 01: An Introduction (Rich Blake-Lobb)

1st January 2017: People of Peace, Luke 10:1-17 (Rich Blake-Lobb)

18th December 2016: Joy to the World? (Rich Blake-Lobb)

18th December 2016: Future HopesRevelation 21:1-8 (Rich Blake-Lobb)

30th October 2016: Present Hopes, James 2:14-19 (Rich Blake-Lobb)

13th November 2016: Go In Peace (Rich Blake-Lobb)

15th October 2016: Past Hopes, Lamentations 3:1-22 (Rich Blake-Lobb)



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