What’s On – March & April 2018

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I don’t know whether Lent is one of those seasons you ignore, attempt to give something up or take something up. The season of lent is helpful as it directs Christian thought towards the cross and provides space to help us reflect or to pause and remember central concerns of our faith. As a church community we have been asking ourselves some important questions about who we are and what we are about – it’s an ongoing conversation but is helping us to think about how we use the resources we have and the things we should be focussed upon.

We are pleased to welcome Debbie Beeken as the new Children’s Centre Co-ordinator for Yiewsley Children’s Centre. Debbie is responsible for the day to day running of the centre and looking after the staff – do pop in and say hello.

There are a few community events taking place over the next few weeks see below for more details but here are some highlights…

Our next charity Quiz night in support of Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice will take place on Saturday 24th March, 7:30pm

March 29th see the return of the International Dinner (if you’ve not been before you really should come and check it out). It is more of a feast than a dinner and includes delicious dishes from around the world. 1st April we will celebrate Easter Sunday and as Christian’s this is the most central day for us and we like to have a joyful celebration – all are welcome to join with us in our time of worship.


We are also starting to think and plan for the Community Fun Day… we have 30th June pencilled in the diary and will be looking for people to get involved or charities, community groups and businesses to be part of this fun filled day.

So as we journey to the cross and the death of Jesus on what we know as Good Friday we look beyond to his resurrection and new life and celebration of Easter Sunday and beyond.

Bible Study

What’s On – January 2018

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The typical greeting at this time is to wish you a Happy New Year. We know however that whilst this may be a hope it is for many a challenging time, a chance to reflect and to wonder where the last year went or how we survived or will survive all that life throws our way. It is therefore our pray that you will find hope this year and know times of peace.

To begin the year we are holding a Week of Community Prayer – with space to come and sit in the church quietly reflecting or meditating, opportunities to pray around the streets of Yiewsley as well as times to be guided in prayer. You don’t need to know how to pray or even be certain of who to pray to but if you would like to join us or take some time out in the quiet you are welcome to join us. The full timetable is available here.
If there is something you would like us to pray for please email:

For some 2018 represents new starts and we welcome Laura Laryea as the new Locality Lead Officer with responsibility for Yiewsley Children’s Centre (as well as Cherry Lane and Colham Manor). The church begins a new Bible Study on Thursday 18th January, 7:30pm where we will be taking a look through the Gospel of Luke every other week.

Of course there are a number of our regular activities and events returning after the Christmas break including Coffee Morning on Friday 12th January from 9:30am.

Other activities are taking a break as we consider how we best serve our community with the resources that we have. As such there will be no Sunday School for the month of January and Nursery Rhymes is on hold until further notice.

So with a New Year come some new opportunities and people, some changes and some things staying the same. We give thanks that our God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

From Sunday 7th to Sunday 14th January 2018 we will be holding a special Week of Community Prayer as we focus on God at the start of the New Year and pray for the local community here in Yiewsley.

There is a guide to focus our prayers each day and some guidance for how to pray. These can be downloaded here:
Prayer Guide
Week of Community Prayer (Jan 2018)

As well as using the guide in your own prayer time there will be various times of prayer at the church so you can find some quiet space, join with others in prayer or walk around our local community praying for the people and places we encounter.

These days and times are also available to download


Discourse is a safe space to discuss the Christian faith and from 18th January 2018 we will be taking a look at the Gospel of Luke – one of the books of the Bible that talks about Jesus’ life and ministry.
Whether you have read the Bible before or it is completely new to you this is an opportunity to read, listen, chat and learn together. We will be meeting every other week on Thursday evenings from 7:30pm discussing and reflecting whilst enjoying a few refreshments.

All are welcome and if you would like more information please contact Rich at

Thursday’s 7:30pm-9:00pm
18th Jan, 1st Feb, 15th Feb, 1st Mar, 15th Mar