Our Church is Accessible
The church premises are fully accessible. The only stairs/ steps lead to a privately leased office.
We UNderstand Not All Disabilities Are Visable
We understand that not all disabilities are visible. We seek to make sure our premises are accessible to all and will make reasonable adjustments to provide for your needs.
Assistance Dogs are Welcome Here
We welcome assistance dogs, such as guide dogs, and can provide a bowl for water if required.
Accessible Toilet Available
All our toilets are not gender specific and we have an accessible toilet.
baby Changing Facilities
Baby changing facilities are available in two of our toilets.
Breast Feeding is Welcome Here
Breast feeding is welcome throughout the facilities. If you would prefer a quiet space to feed your child please let us know and we can accommodate this for you.
Microwave Available for Baby Food Heating
We understand that not all babies breast feed and as they grow older their diet begins to vary. As a church we offer the use of a microwave to warm food but this may not be accessible with all organisations using the premises depending upon their own policies.
Please make us aware of food allergies
We are aware that food allergies can cause serious illness. We cannot guarantee that all foods prepared/ consumed on the premises each week will not cause allergies. If you or your child has a specific food allergy it is your responsibility to inform the group / organisation leader.
Hot and Cold Drinks
As a church we provide a variety of hot and cold drinks when we hold services and events. Each group/ organisation using the premises has their own policy which must be adhered too. If you would like to hire a room please speak to us about options for provision of refreshments.
WiFi Available - Ask for Password
The WiFi in the church can be made available to those hiring the facilities. This is currently only available in the church itself and does not reach to the Hall or other rooms.
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