When we worship together we frequently share in what we call Communion or The Lord’s Supper. Other churches might call it the Eucharist. This is the part of a worship service where we share bread and wine together. At Yiewsley Baptist Church typically the Minister or the person leading the worship service will lead in the sharing of communion. We don’t have a set format but usually what happens is a variation of the following:

  • There are some instructions about what we are about to do
  • We remember with some Bible verses why we share in communion
  • We have prayers of confession and thanksgiving
  • We Serve the bread and the wine to where you are sitting
  • We share a blessing

Usually we have 2 people who will serve the bread to where you are sitting, each person breaks of a small piece of bread which represents the body of Jesus and we eat the bread as we receive it.

Next the wine is served (we usually have alcohol free wine) and again 2 people will serve this to where you are sitting. The wine comes in a small glass and it represents the Jesus’ blood. We keep hold of the cups until everyone is served and then the Minister will indicate when to drink and all the congregation drink at the same time. Drinking together reminds us that though we are many we are all one in Christ and part of one Church.

Communion Liturgies

The following files provide copies of the liturgies (words we might use when sharing in communion together). These are adapted from the Communion liturgies published in Gathering for Worship and we may also project onto the screen as some parts require the congregation to join in.

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