There are lots of resources for studying scripture, praying and for those involved in leading worship services, Bible studies and preaching. On our resource pages you will find links to things that we find helpful and we welcome suggestions for recourses that we should be including ([email protected]).

  • Online Worship (Orders of Service with links to songs, readings, prayers and reflections for use during the Covid-19 Pandemic).
  • Calls to Worship and Blessings (For Opening and Closing Bible Studies and Worship Services)
  • Communion (An explanation of how we celebrate communion and some examples of the words we use in worship services).
  • Prayer (A guide to praying, a guided prayer and some ideas of things to prayer for).
  • What We Believe (Summaries of our general beliefs as Baptist Christians)
  • Worship Songs & Hymns (list of songs we use with links to YouTube)

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