Discovering Membership

Throughout the year we organise opportunities to meet with our Minister and/or members of the leadership team to discuss what it means to be a member of a Baptist Church. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the life of a Baptist Church but we have a process by which people can make a deeper commitment to the life of the local church.

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Unlike Anglican’s, Methodist’s, Catholics and other types of church we have a system of membership that is a bit like a cooperative. Rather than the Minister holding the authority for decision making (as may be the case with a priest or Bishop) in a Baptist church it is the church members.

Discovering Membership

Members meet together with the purpose of discerning the mind of Christ – that is praying and trying to understand what God may be calling the church to as part of God’s mission in the local community. Membership is concerned with relationships with one another and with God, we encourage members to have demonstrated their faith through believers baptism (when someone decides for themselves to be baptised rather than being baptised as a child as a choice of their parents) but this is not compulsory at Yiewsley Baptist Church.

If you would like to find out more speak to one of the members of the leadership team and attend one of our Discovering Membership sessions.

More information is available on the Baptist Together website.

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