Sunday Worship

Breast Feeding Welcome Here
baby Changing Facilities
Our Church is Accessible
Assistance Dogs are Welcome Here
Accessible Toilet Available
We Understand Not All Disabilities Are Visable
Large Print Bible and Song Lyrics Available
Hot and Cold Drinks Served after Each Service
Microwave Available for Baby Food Heating
Please make us aware of food allergies
WiFi Available - Ask for Password

We meet on Sundays at 10.30am to worship and praise God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) through a mixture of prayer, Bible readings, hymns and worship songs and an exploration of what Gods word means to us in the 21st century, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Children and very welcome in our services and we don’t mind a bit of noise from them. We include crafts or activities to engage children or they are welcome to have a few toys if they require them.

The service lasts approximate 1.5 hours.

What to Expect

The doors are usually opened by 10:00am
and you are welcome to arrive as early as you need (though we also understand
some people can’t arrive until the service is underway for a whole variety of

Upon arrival you will be greeted at the front
door my at least one of our welcome team.

You are welcome to sit where you are most comfortable – near the front or the back, next to a window or by the aisle. No one has reserved seats and you won’t offend anyone by sitting where you are most comfortable. If you need us to move a chair or two to accommodate a wheelchair or pushchair we are happy to do so.

Before the service begins there will be people getting set up (adjusting microphones, preparing refreshments or whatever is needed for the service). Sometimes there is background music playing.

There are a few toys and some colouring sheets for those who need them during the service, we understand not everyone can concentrate for the whole service.

1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday

  • 10:30am Service Starts
    (Usually a greeting by the service leader followed by a ‘call to worship’ such as a Bible Reading or a prayer)
  • Time of Sung Worship & Prayer
    (Examples of the songs we sing can be found under the Resources Tab. Words for songs are shown on the screen or printed copies are available for those who need them)
  • Bible Reading
  • An Illustration/ Activity related to the Bible Reading or a Mission Focus
  • Sung Worship
  • Bible Based Teaching (Sermon) (~ 30 minutes)
    (Examples of the sermon can be found under the resources tab)
  • Time of Sung Worship & Intercessory Prayer (prayers for our world, our community and one another)
  • Notices/ Announcements
  • Final song/ hymn and blessing/benediction
  • Refreshments Served

2nd & 4th Sunday

  • 10:30am Service Starts
  • Time of Sung Worship & Prayer
  • Bible Reading
  • (Possible Mission Focus)
  • Sung Worship
  • Bible Based Teaching (Sermon) (~ 30 minutes)
  • Time of Sung Worship & Intercessory Prayer
  • Communion
    (Typically we have servers who will bring the bread to where you are sitting, this is eaten as you receive it. The wine is served in the same way in small glasses and we hold these until everyone has been served and then drink together when the worship leader directs. If you do not wish to share in the bread and wine simply let them pass you by, no one is watching or concerned by this).
  • Notices/ Announcements
  • Final song/ hymn and blessing/benediction
  • Refreshments Served

The service usually finishes between 11:45am and 12:00pm

You are welcome to join with us at any of our services where you can be assured of a warm friendly welcome by our fellowship.

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